Lenis & Izum


Ardens Izumrud

My new Loved family member

24. April 2012

Upcoming stories about me and my dobie boy Izum. He is my new Loved family member from March 2012. Most of the time we are getting to know each other, but of course I am establish the leadership and setting the rules for our companionship and daily life. He is running loose with full speed every day in a large fenced exercise yard, and he loves it! Izum has also beginning to gain some weight (more muscles, body mass - 44 kilo now). Izum is born with a very beautiful dark brown color and he has a very strong bone structure. Beautiful head and muscular body. I feel that Izum is respecting me as his leader now and that he feel trust in our daily life and activities - that goes both way regarding respect and trust.

Electra was my first dog and she was an amazing dobermann - very beautiful, available, stable, confident, secure and friendly! She taught me all I know about the breed, she was my everything! When Electra took her last breath she left me in an indescribable grief and pain. My world fell apart. I thought I gonna get "Broken Heart Syndrome" (BHS), also called stress cardiomyopathy, triggered by extreme and sudden emotional trauma and it can be fatal. Izum came into my life by chance or call it fate, and he has helped me a lot to move on in life! My wonderful boy has a given and big place in my heart next to my forever beloved Electra. I Love them both!

I must say that there is a huge different to own a dobermann male - larger, heavier and thus more powerful than a female!

It is very important that a dobermann leader is very calm and assertive, especially in certain situations that can occur outdoors. That will help your dog to become calm and submissive. We practice on some things that I have a vision about, how I want Izum to be and act. For example I do not accept that a dog around 45 kg pull on the leash. Izum is now alert and doing fine by my side when I demands it. Then we have the hunting instinct, pray drive ... which Izum has in high scale, (breed specific - more or less). One more thing that was new to me with a male - all females in period, which are ubiquitous throughout the year...and then we have other males, that can make my boy "spin" sometimes! So it´s a big difference between a Dobermann male and a female. We have a lot to get through and practice, but I feel that we are a Team now me and Izum, and that we teach each other things every day. :)

I am learning about Izums personality every day, his behavior and reactions in everyday life. When we have come a bit further, we will start training obedience competition and Izum shall also make mental descriptions (BPH and MH) during 2012. Izum has unfortunately passed four years old, and then he may not do the Swedish Körung (mental test, MT). Izum has correct and healthy hips (HD-B), and checked in March 2012 his Eyes, with the result PHTVL/PHPV and Cataract FREE :). He has also completed a full health check (urine- and blood samples, and also ECG), all NORMAL. My Izum boy is a very healthy Dobermann, happy and Loved! 

Izumrud (Russian Изумруд, meaning "Emerald", smaragd.)

More to come...

October 2012

Ardens Izumrud...nice natural stand.



My handsome Izum boy, will be 5 years old today!

Dobermann Love... happiness and loyal friendship for life.

Izum is my beloved family member and we spend all free
time together. He has been living with me for seven months now.

More to come...




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